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2 Cordova Close, Briardene Box 37628, Overport 4067
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Sisal, formally known as Agave Sisalana, is a plant from the agave family, and yeilds a stiff fibre with many industrial and domestic uses. Sisal plantations are mostly common in east Africa, Brizal and China.

The use of industrial sisal fibres was at its peak in the early 1980's, but its demand in the global market was hindered by the emergence of synthetic ropes, carpets and fibres. In recent times however, the demand of sisal is gradually rising due to its biodegradable characteristics, and also the minimal damage the industry causes to the environment.


Uni-cord owns the sisal plantations under another management company, Highland Estates Limited, registered in Tanzania. We have a total of two plantations with a combined area of 17,000 acres. Our Tanzanian fibre stands out amongst the best in the world.

Since the plantation is done by us and with an ever growing concern on the environment, Uni-Cord aims at conservation. As part of our effort in this regard, no pesticides or fertilizers are used on our plantations in Tanzania as sisal is a very resistant plant.

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